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The KE Community

The community is a very large team of online marketers who have created a method of making money online at an insanely faster pace and a way to reach much greater results then you would achieve on your own.

So, how do they do this?

Every 2 to 3 weeks the Community doess a mass launch. A mass launch is a specific day in which the entire Knowledge Exploit Community gathers up and everyone signs up to a forced matrix system through one link. As thousands of members are creating accounts, the avalanche of spillover(free referrals) begins and downlines are built within seconds.

Then comes the Mass Promotion Stage.

This is the stage in which very member of the community goes out and promotes and brings in as many members into the community for the next launch which is 2-3 weeks later. As an incentive, Bonuses and Cash Prizes are awarded to top recruiters of every 'Mass Promotion Stage'.

Now, when we launch, some people are always going to end up at the bottom. That's actually impossible to prevent but this is why we hold an unlimited number of launches. If your stuck at the bottom one day, it doesn't mean your going to be there forever. Launch after launch, we keep at it with the same link as the last launch so the down line will fill and fill continually forever.

So, what's the community launching into?

The community will be launching into "MATRIX KING", which is owned by the KE Community.

MATRIX KING is a 3x4 forced matrix. It costs $15 a month. Now, its been made sure that you go into profit as soon as possible with MATRIX KING by paying out $5 on your first level. Anything past your first level is PROFIT to YOU.

Here is the structure of the 3x4 matrix:
Level 1 - $5 per affiliate
Level 2 - $2 per affiliate
Level 3 - $1 per affiliate
Level 4 - $4 per affiliate

What does Matrix king offer for $15?

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Addon Domains
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited MySQL
Unlimited FTP
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Mailing Lists
Unlimited Forwarders
FREE Autoresponder!
50+ Fantastico 1-Click Install Scripts
24/7 Live Chat Support

After your matrix is filled which only takes 120 affiliates to fill, you will earn a total of $384 each and every month. Now $384 may not sound like much which is why you can have multiple accounts. The way we have set it up will minimize account cancellations which will cause our ongoing build.

Click on the Banner below to sign up as a free member.